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 VP Cloze Builder (v.5 under dev.) & Coverage Lab      saver           Research  
    + VISUAL ('What-texts-look-like-if-you-know-x-many-words')        
      Use with VP-Classic analysis (Cloze words post 1k, 1+2k, or 1+2+AWL)  OR VP-BNC/Coca (1-25k or 1-25c)      

(1) Find a text that has the k-level items you want your learners to work at or beyond (use VP).

(2) Choose band - (a) CLASSIC (b) BNC-COCA - "C" (100's) and "K" (1000's)
Note that "post" categories generally make doable gap-fills (with context words from higher freq. levels than target words).

(3a) Enter 1-wd title   (3b) Type/paste text below (3c) Choose info corpus




DEMOS: Elephant Man 1 (graded) | Elephant Man 2 (graded) | NZ Forestry [?]  

(4) Type/Paste/Dbl-Click any words to block:


(5a) Number questions?     (5b) FOR PAPER - Gaps not menus?    (5c) Caps not gaps?  [?]             (6)

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