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(1) Use VP to find a text that has the items you want to work at or beyond ( VP-Classic or VP-Compleat for BNC/Coca, NFL-7, or IZ)

(2) Choose framework and frequency band for words to remove -

    (a) CLASSIC (b) BNC/COCA K (c) NFL7 (d) IZ-Lists
    Note that "post" categories create high quality gaps with context words more frequent than target words.

(3a) Enter 1-wd title   (3b) Enter text below   (3c)Choose Help Dictionary




DEMOS: Elephant Man 1 (graded) | Elephant Man 2 (graded) | Rex Murphy | NZ Forestry [?]  

(4) Type/Paste/Dbl-Click any words to block (e.g. proper nouns):
(5a) Number the gaps?     (5b) FOR PAPER - Gaps not menus?    (5c) Caps not gaps?  [?]             (6)