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Cloze Passage Builders

These routines create user-designed cloze passages of different types with links to learning resources like dictionary, concordance, audio or video file


  1. N-word and rational deletion cloze: English + French       New Shorter URL (3 May '21)

    • Summer 2007: Multiple Choice List is constrained to 4-5 choices OR full list
    • August 2008: SAVE routines
    • December 2009: Similar length distractors for better quality MCQs (works best with functors blocked)
    • October 2009: YOUTUBE videos + song lyrics
    • December 2010: French and English interfaces, dedicated help dictionaries
    • March 2014: Monitor panel for teachers
    • Dec 2016: Multiword distractors (if no intervening elements)
    • May 2021: MC distractor option is other flemma members
  2. VocabProfile Clozes (frequency based): English
    • Students replace words from a specific frequency level
    • First thousand, second thousand, Academic Word List
      • English 1k and AWL allow specification of sublists
    • Help resource: targets linked to concordances from several corpora (academic to graded readers)
    • Negative lists for English version (beyond 2k, AWL, etc) creating high quality gaps with conrtext words more common than targets
    • English version SAVES
    • Big de-clutter April 2021


 With research and resources from several sources; wiring by T. Cobb, UQAM