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Vocabulary Profilers match text words to a frequency list. Most profilers on this site are based on Laufer, Nation, and Coxhead's Lexical Frequency Profiler (LFP), which divided words into the General Service List's 1 and 2000 levels, academic words, and the remainder or 'offlist,' or on the many lists developed since. VP is used for many research and teaching purposes, like rough-tuning texts to learners via Frequency Based Tests.
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Integral text: buck did not read the newspapers or he would have known that trouble was brewing not only for himself but for every tide water dog strong of muscle and with warm long hair from puget sound to san diego


1k types: [families 27 : types 29 : tokens 31 ] and_[1] buck_[1] but_[1] did_[1] dog_[1] every_[1] for_[2] from_[1] have_[1] he_[1] himself_[1] known_[1] long_[1] newspapers_[1] not_[2] of_[1] only_[1] or_[1] read_[1] sound_[1] strong_[1] that_[1] the_[1] to_[1] trouble_[1] was_[1] water_[1] with_[1] would_[1]
2k types: [3:3:3] hair_[1] tide_[1] warm_[1]
OFF types: [ ?:5:5 ] brewing_[1] diego_[1] muscle_[1] puget_[1] san_[1]
VP adapted for Web by Tom Cobb, UQAM. Download offline versions, Range from Paul Nation or ANT-Profiler from Laurence Anthony (+ use your own lists).