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 Tag Stripper

This routine applies the following REGEX (Regular Expression) to the indicated file.
  $file =~ s/<.*?>//g;
The effect is to substitute all < and > tags, plus everything between (.*?),
with nothing (//), throughout the file (globally).
(File is usually HTML but not necessarily; tag-stripping would be useful e.g. when building a corpus of web pages.)
PLUS:   Square brackets & curly braces were added to tags in this stripping  
  routine in Jan 2016 and regular parentheses in Sept 2020. Choose here-->

 1.  Text-Paste mode                    

   2.  Upload mode (tags only) : (HTML or TXT file on own disk) then   and finally save result to own disk as *.txt.

Stay tuned for more text processing tools (suggestions welcome)