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  Dictator   Write-From-Talk Activity Builder (v.7.2)   .

 In words, phrases, minimal pairs, texts, or random sentences    with Guidespell 2 feedback algorithm!               

This page produces 5 dictation activities, in Train or Test mode, based on user text input ('Train' gives Guidespell feedback, 'Test' gives only score)

  1. Choose UNIT :  Words Demo | Phrases Demo | Miminal Pairs Demo | Sentences Demo | Text Demo | French Text Demo
    (Words and phrases should be in lower case; sentence and text modes needs capital letter start and end-punctuation.)

 2. Put content (words | phrases | sentences) into Word Box separated by vertical bars or returns :   Sentence max=60 chars.   Return=empty line

 3. Sentence length tester :  <-Max 60, you have left

 4. Title/rubric :       5. Speech speed :   

  6. Output Mode : 
    a.    Train
    b.    Test
 7. Randomisation :  
      a.    Yes   (e.g. for lists)
      b.    No     (e.g. for narratives)
 8. Language :  
    a.    English (US)
    b.    English (UK)
    c.    French
 9. Voice :  
    a.    male  
    b.    female

  10.   Repeat until good then  "SAVE"   by copying big URL into a hyperlink (real save coming later)

Concept + code by T. Cobb,UQAM ; Guidespell interaction described here (search keyword 'Guidespell'); Online TTS from VoiceRSS (www.voicerss.org)