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The Word-Forms group on Lextutor was launched in November 07 to bring together different projects on form recognition and production. Until 2015 it was called the 'Spelling' section but this is too narrow a designation. As Paul Meara has argued, in L2 vocabulary acquisition meaning is often the easy part and form the real challenge. This part of Lextutor has two sections:

is an intraword analysis suggesting which English words are likely to be hard to spell.

At BNC Spell-Conundrums (a.k.a. "Hard-Spell Extractor") we identify the hard-to-spell words of English at any of 20 frequency levels (the 20x1000 family lists as used in VP-BNC). These expressions seek out research-indicated causes of spelling difficulty such as multi-syllables (unreasonableness), double-double consonants (committed), triple vowels (agreeable), classic conundrums (admissible), and others as identified in the research (e.g. by Frith, 1983, Cognitive processses in spelling; Brown & N. Ellis, 1994, Handbook of Spelling).
SECOND is a set of activity builders that give practice in written word form encoding and retention.

  1. Productive     The world's only TTS-based dictation routine Dictator v.6 builds acceptably pronounced write-from-speech activities in four units (words, phrases, random sentences, sequential sentences), two modes (Teach and Test), and two languages (English - US & UK - and French). Text can be constructed cukulatively with 'Guidespell.' Based on user input text or list. Train or test modes,
SAVE COMING, meantime save as URL.  Summer 2015 - complete update of TTS system - fully cross browser.


  2. Recognition     The classic I-Dentify v.3 (a.k.a. Jumble or Spew) builder creates screen-at-a-time word recognition activities. Based on user input list. Learners identify a word cued by blanked concordance lines from a jumble of random letters, such as 'agsjtylinterestingkshrtywc' (= agsjtylinterestingkshrtywc). Saves on Lextutor with unique URL.

Part of this work was done for Ubisoft as part of My Word Coach video game for learning vocabulary and spelling.