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The Word-Forms group brings together different projects on form recognition and production. Until 2015 it was called the 'Spelling' section but this is too narrow a designation. As Paul Meara has argued, in L2 vocabulary acquisition meaning is often the easy part and form the challenge. This part of Lextutor has two sections:

is an intraword analysis suggesting which English words are likely to be hard to spell. GOOD ON MOBILE

Hard-Spell Extractor identifies the hard-to-spell English words in any user text or list or in 25 BNC-Coca lists. The extracted items are research-indicated causes of spelling difficulty, such as multi-syllables (unreasonableness), double-double consonants (committed), triple vowels (agreeable), classic conundrums (admissible), and others as identified in the research (e.g. by Frith, 1983, Cognitive processses in spelling; Brown & N. Ellis, 1994, Handbook of Spelling).
SECOND is a set of learning-activity builders to give practice in written word form encoding and retention. *NOT* FOR MOBILE

  1. Productive     The world's only TTS-based dictation routine Dictator v.7 builds acceptably pronounced write-from-speech activities in five units (words, phrases, minimal pairs, random sentences, sequential sentences), two modes (Teach and Test), and two accents (English - US & UK). Answers can be constructed cumulatively with 'Guidespell.' Based on user input text or list. Train or test modes,
SAVE COMING, meantime save as URL.  Summer 2019 - latest update.


  2. Recognition     The classic I-Dentify v.3 (a.k.a. Jumble or Spew) builder creates screen-at-a-time word recognition activities. Based on user input list. Learners identify a word cued by blanked concordance lines from a jumble of random letters, such as 'agsjtylinterestingkshrtywc' (= agsjtylinterestingkshrtywc). Saves on Lextutor with unique URL.

Part of this work was done for Ubisoft as part of My Word Coach video game for learning vocabulary and spelling.