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Corpus-Based Range (v.0.9) For word distributions across texts/domains

1a. Is word/phrase/famil' more common in speech or writing?
Brit. Nat. Corpus (BNC) sampler: Written 1,007,000 words What's
Brit. Nat. Corpus (BNC) sampler: Spoken 965,000 words BNC?
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    DEMOS: word phrase family

    1b. L'expression est-elle plus commune en crit ou parl?
French Mini-Corpus : Written c. 150,000 words
French Mini-Corpus : Spoken c. 150,000 words
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2. Where in the Brown corpus of written English does a word/phrase/famil' live?
All 15 Brown sublists
A. Press Reportage 89,000 words G. Biog/Memoires 152,000 words M. Fiction Sci-Fi 12,000 words
B. Press Editorial 55,000 words H. Govt/Industry 63,000 words N. Fiction Adventure 58,000 words
C. Press Reviews 35,000 words J. Learned/Acad. 163,000 words P. Fiction Romance 59,000 words
D. Religion 21,000 words K. Fiction General 58,000 words
E. Skills/Hobbies 73,000 words L. Fiction Mystery 48,000 words
F. Popular Lore 87,000 words R. Fiction Humour 18,000 words (Counts rounded)   What's Brown?
Three main categories (Press, Academic, Fiction) in comparable sizes
Press (A, B, C) 179,000 words Academic (J) 163,000 words Fiction (K, N, P) 175,000 words

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