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The Compleat Randomizer  v.2.7
  For systematic scrambling of strings, numbers, letters, words, texts - or ANAGRAMS - in usable formats

        * * Works offline + Randomize and Reformat are Re-Clickable*            Research idea
Numbers: Type/paste 1 2 3...1000 or auto-enter: DEMO >>  Bottom Top  
Letters: Type/paste letters (a b c d e...   e.g., MCQ items): DEMO >> List  
Words: Type/paste word list (cat dog bird...) or text: DEMO >> List | Text    
Sentences: Type/paste 3+ sentences with standard terminal punctuation: DEMO >> Text Cloze
Strings:  Strings are internally randomized as anagrams (house -> oehus ) : DEMO >> Letter   Number   PWD  

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Coded in standard Javascript by Tom Cobb, Univ. Quebec เ Montr้al