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Full length texts you can listen to before, after, or while reading. Click on any word, phrase, or paragraph to hear it spoken. TTS FULLY RESTORED IN AUGUST 2019.) Save words to word box to collect later or send to three Reading-Plus activities.

English Ungraded
    Call of the Wild
        MP3, TTS, Concordance, Dictionary
    To Kill a Mockingbird (31 chapters + movie pics)
        TTS, Eng-Eng/Fr Dictionary, 'Leisure' or 'extensive' mode
        NEW Nov '22

French Ungraded
    • Boule de Suif

        MP3, TTS, Concordance, Dictionary

English Graded
    • Story Library (11 complete texts)
        MP3 recording, TTS, Dictionary, & Crossword info-gap for each chapter



R: What does the research say about listening while reading within your "i+1"? Check out Cobb, Greaves & Horst (2001), "Can the rate of lexical acquisition from reading be increased?" in English or French

R: Can RA-Reading help develop literacy on a broad scale? Read an argument: Cobb, T. (2009). "Internet and literacy in the developing world: Delivering the teacher with the text." In Literacy for All in Africa

D: Build Your Own RA_Read hypertexts (Fr/Eng, Two Formats, Cross-Platform) @ Hypertext Home

Stories from Oxford Bookworms and Cambridge readers; voice recordings by professionals and various students