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August Workshop
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IBE Workshop 2
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Day 1
Ongoing 'strands' work
    »Dagny 10-11
    »Tom 11-12:30
    »Tom Editing Exercise
Examples of CBA-speak in Outcomes
    »Quebec TT ex.1 (theory)
    »Quebec TT ex.2 (pract.)
    »Alberta HS physics
    »Alberta HS lang. arts
    »Alberta K-12 phys. ed.

Day 2
CBA Textbooks
Contextualize & simplify
    »PP2 & Task 2

Day 3
Applying & Flipping
    »PP3 & Tasks
    »Clickers quiz on video
    »Quiz template

Day 4
    & Collaboration
    »PP4 & Tasks
    »Khan Academy video
    »Career Survey

Day 5
Employ technology
    & Cross disciplines
    »PP5 & Tasks
    »Cross-links ex
        » Search 'links to math'

Workshop synopsis
    » Chapter Priorities Checklist

EC Curric. reports 2016
    (1) Review existing curric.
    (2) Proposal for new

Textbook Development
IBE Curric Training mod5
World Bank on textbooks
Braslavsky/IBE 2008
    - Heyneman in Braslavsky
UNESCO textbook guide

Textbook comprehensibility
  Vocab Profiler (VP)
  'Academic' Words (AWL)

Flipped classroom concept
Flipping the Classroom
'What is flip...' Youtube
Clickers CCT
      Make your own

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