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List_Learn Home     + Use DDL resources to build your own dictionary following the «Learner as Lexicographer» concept

Learning principle: Learners like word lists, so let's give them good ones + something useful to do with them.

DEFCON2 discontinued because maintenance was too complex
Construct a definition from concordance lines and bilingual dictionary - three English list formats + French. The compleat version of the learning tool named 'Pet•2000' discussed in this 1999 paper.
  • English Classic (1k+2k+AWL) - 2k with 12 quizzes
  • English - BNC (1k - 20k)
  • English - BNC/COCA (1k - 25k) - Warning - in BNC and BNC-COCA, concordance yield could be sparse after 10k
  • French 10
    From Lonsdale-Lebras 'French Most Frequent 5k Lemmas' dictionary project
    Expanded here to 10k; with *NEW* full lemma search A development of the work in ~ Cobb & Horst, 2001



Lists from M West, P Nation, M Davies; Corpora from many sources.