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I-D Word identification quiz v. 3  
Identify words buried in a jumble - like "xszwordgjzp" (==> xszwordgjzp)

  • Use gapped concordance lines to guess word
  • Use mouse or trackpad to select word from letters
  • Use own words or let program choose randomly within a frequency level
  • Corpora in VP-Classic framework
  • Also loads as an option from (1) List_Learn user red-box selections, (2) Random Word Classic, and (3) Hypertext 1+2 (with wordbox) routines.
    Challenging amusement, integrates form+meaning, motivates context integration

    1. Type a simple one_word title        
    2. Specify a URL users can return to  
    3. Choose a corpus

  • Read a research study of this game here

    4. Paste or type sets of about 20 words in here
    or click in => 1k | 2k | AWL | French or random English (BNC or Classic) or French items.

        5. Click >>


    Idea from P. Meara; used in PET-2000 (1997); as described in Breadth & Depth (1998, bottom); revived Oct 08 by popular demand; Saver Sept 09; cross-platform 2011.