Source sites for updated Hyp_2 iPad-friendly videos (Nov 2018)
With transcripts and embed URLs

Voice of America     Ted Talk     Khan Academy     France 24 (In French) 

CLASSIC original 'Book Box':

User-Supplied Input for Analysis and Builder routines on Compleat Lexical Tutor
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Ted Talks

Top thinkers, best quality video, full transcripts - a gold mine
Engines of our ingenuity
- Years of practical science stories + audio - discovered April 2013; from John Lienhard at U Texas. Incredibly usable

↓ *PLUS MORE* English Texts with sound files *AT BOTTOM* ↓! July, 07; huge new collection of text+audio!!

Listed roughly by age   [ See bottom for adult/academic materials

Tales Etc.

Over 300 stories, written by teachers and others from many countries, excellent stuff, divided into Under 8, 8 to 12, and Teenage. Format: HTML. Stuart Stories and Tales Etc.
Gutenberg Children's Collection
Huge collection of "Free Plain Vanilla Electronic Texts," in slightly inconvenient FTP format with pages of disclaimers etc.
Tip: Choose Raw Text format when asked.
Huge collection of usable texts; plus for younger language learners some excellent sound/text-picture vocabulary builders in several themes.
Open Directory - Kids & Teens Stories
Stupendous collection; good hard-to-find teen stuff.
Baen Sci-Fi Library
Great Science Fiction; many formats for free download - RTF then Save As text plus minor editing should work for Lextutor input; plus some accompanying CD sound files at companion site Fifth Imperium (then click 'CD Listing')
eServer Drama Collection
Plays old and new; clean format; voluntary free log-in.
Page by Page books online
Adolescent and up; hundreds of literary texts in convenient single-page format.
Tip: Watch for occasional bits of publicity from the margins that get mixed in with the texts.
Oxford Text Archive (OTA)
Many ready-to-go texts old and new, plus collections of texts by same author for e.g. stylistic analysis with various Lextutor tools.
Tip: OTA sends download link to your email address.
Wiki encyclopedia
Revolutiuonary web-based, user-built encyclopedia of 500,000+ hyper-cross-referenced articles on many topics

Plus Wiki Light for language learners

3341 (and growing) texts written in "basic vocabulary"

  • While notions of 'Basic English' and '2000 words' are mentioned, the principles of vocabulary selection are not entirely clear.
  • Some digging required - not all links lead to completed articles (readers are invited to write them!)
  • Paired Stories
    From long-time Lextuor users at from Seneca College in Ontario.

    Pairs of newspaper-based stories in two series, plus examples of how to use them in ESL activities.

    British Modern short stories
    Very useful and usable collection of new short stories with lots of potential for use with advanced adolescents. Convenient page divisions.
  • One or two pop-ups may appear -- click them away.
  • Stories come with friendly "Printable" versions - no pics etc.
  • East of the Web
    1,400 great short stories - mainly new - for teens and kids (rated PG etc) - forms a set with collection just above
    Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
    Mainly adult; hundreds of complete texts; public domain documents from American and English literature as well as Western philosophy.
    Tip: Choose Local copy when asked in downloading.
  • American Psychological Association
  • Statistics Canada
    Two great sources of readable texts with high loads of AWL (Academic Word List) items, plus charts and other contextual helpers..

    Here are some places where you can find texts with corresponding sound files (real-audio, MP3, podcasts) that can be played on Web pages made by N-Word Cloze Builder or HyperText Builder (i.e., with Windows Media Player or RealAudio, whose plug-ins can be obtained from links on the relevant Builder pages).

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    Top pick
    The "incontournable" Francais Facile listen
    and Listen + Text
    from Radio France Internationale.
    Languages on the Web
    Excellent source of bilingual & parallel texts at
    English, French and many others


    Le Devoir
    La Presse
    Le Soleil


    Le Monde
      > Le Monde Diplomatique
    Le Figaro
    Le Canard Enchainé
    Surprising and huge "bibliothèque numérique des Classiques des Sciences Sociales" - 5,000+ titles, well organized - from Jean-Marie Tremblay, Univ. Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC)
    UQAC SS Classiques
    Statistique Canada


    Textes WIKI


    ABU : la Bibliothèque Universelle French classics (some translations). Big collection.
    Good French kid story sites
  • TibooParc


    Logos Multilingual e-Translation Portal
    Huge collection of stories in many languages, some with sound recordings; see especially 'stories for children/bibliothèque pour petits'; also dictionary, trace-a-word-through-several-authors, and many other features.