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Economics words, 23 Oct 17, 6:25

1establishmentHis good idea improves this new company's establishment.Nounthe act of establishing2016.11.20 21:12
2administrationThis company spents Too much time on administration, that will cause more deficits.Noun the activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization2016.11.20 21:00
3flagshipU.S.A is flagship in space research. - Adjectivethe ship in a fleet that carries the commanding admiral.2016.09.29 01:04
4immenseHe invested an immense sum of money in stocks.Adjectiveunusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope2016.09.28 09:29
5supplementThe book has been supplemented with new material .Verbadd to, make up, sipply2016.09.28 01:15
6opportunityIt is a opportunity for you to get a better job. Nouna good chance2016.09.27 20:09
7propertyhe is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their daughters.Nounsomething of value that is owned, e.g. land or a patent.2016.09.27 13:36
8fortuneIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.Nouna very large amount of money.2016.09.27 13:14
9affluentThe house is located in the affluent area.Adjectivehaving an abundant supply of money or possessions of value2016.09.27 12:40
10emergeChina has emerged a new economic powerVerbto come out from an enclosed space or from a position where you could not be seen. 2016.09.27 09:36
11headquartersThey watched out the view screen in headquarters,Anger was ready to release a scowl, scream, or growl.Nounan organization are its main offices2016.09.27 09:11
12complicationEspecially young athletes will have this complication.Nounthe amalgamative symptom2016.09.26 22:12
13appropriateAn appropriate potion.Adjectiveopportune2016.09.23 08:25
14plutocracyThe apologists for plutocracy are content this week to use anti-racism as their debating tool. Nounthe rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy. 2016.09.23 08:22
15produceCanada produces high-quality wheat.Verbbring forth or field2016.09.23 08:20
16unemployedMany people were unemployed in the last year.Verblose the job2016.09.23 08:18
17cooperateIn order to success on a project, team mates should cooperate actively.VerbTo help each other and engage in a work2016.05.18 00:54
18cooperateIn order to success on a project, team mates should cooperate actively.VerbTo help each other and engage in a work2016.05.18 00:52
19intrinsicThe intelligence is not intrinsic to robots.Adjectivebelonging to a thing by its very nature.2015.11.09 20:36
20examineThe detective examined the evidence carefully and found a fingerprint.Verbto look at something closely2015.06.17 16:45
21economy_of_scalelarge firms like monopoly can reduce their production cost through economy_of_scaleNounReduction in cost per unit resulting from increased production, realized through operational efficiencies.2015.03.12 01:47
22monopolyThe firms like Sinopec, PingAn Insurance, Citic are monopolyNounA situation in which a single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service. - 2015.03.12 01:32
23soft_landingGovernor Zhou guarantees that China will have a soft_landing at the end of this yearNounThe avoidance of both inflation and high interest rates as well as a recession as an economy slows its growth rate. - - 2015.03.12 00:59
24recessionThe company fired 500 workers during the recession between 2008 and 2011 period.NounA period of general economic decline; typically defined as a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. - - 2015.03.12 00:57
25inferiorinstant noodles is inferior good because when our income increases, we will buy ramen instead.NounA good the demand for which falls as income rises.2015.03.12 00:50
26giffen_goodThe giffen_good must be an inferior goodNounThe good in which the demand will decrease when its price falls2015.03.12 00:48
27monetary_policyGovernor Zhou said on tuesday that the central bank will take a cautious monetary_policy this year to control inflation.NounThe regulation of the money supply and interest rates by a central bank.2015.03.12 00:40
28equilibriumThe equilibrium price of this function is 50,50NounThe point where demand meets suppy2015.03.12 00:37
29tax_burdenOn the graph, tax_burden is usually a rectangle next to the dead weight lossNounThe amount of income, property, or sales tax levied on an individual or business.2015.03.12 00:28
30opportunity_costthe loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen is called opportunity_costNounthe opportunity_cost of a choice is the value of the best alternative forgone, in a situation in which a choice needs to be made between se2015.03.12 00:24
31market_demandtake the derivative of market_demand with respect to priceNounIt is simply the sum of individual quantities demanded at any given price2015.03.12 00:14
32pareto_efficiencyThe competitive equilibrium is pareto_efficiencyNounThere is no way to make one party better off without making the other worse off2015.03.12 00:04
33isoquantAnother way to describe the technological constraints facing a firm is - through the use of isoquantsNounAn isoquant is the set of all possible - combinations of inputs 1 and 2 that are just sufficient to produce a given - amount of output.2015.03.11 23:59
34recessionThe recession is not expected to abate until year's end.Nouna period of reduced economic activity 2015.03.10 09:33
35sectorMy best friend and I work in different sectors of this company.Nouna distinct area, part, section of an area or activity2015.01.16 10:54
36concessionIt was the final concession given by our boss that ended our tension between that company. Nounsomething which is allowed or given up, often in order to end a disagreement, or the act of allowing or giving this2015.01.16 09:28
37culpritHigh cost and low efficiency is the main culprits of this business failure.Nounthe reason, cause of something2015.01.16 05:05
38computationThe solution required a series of computations.Nounthe act or process of computing or calculating something2015.01.15 23:44
39magnateA studio magnate who the biggest stars in Hollywood at his beck and call.Nouna person who has great wealth and power in a particular business or industry2015.01.15 23:42
40lucrativeThe business has proved to be highly lucrative.Adjectiveproducing money or wealth2015.01.15 23:11
41precipitateHer death precipitated a family crisis.Verbto cause (something) to happen quickly or suddenly2015.01.15 22:38
42convulsiveAfter a day of convulsive trading, the stock market was down 300 points.Adjectiveinvolving or causing a sudden violent shaking of the muscles in your body that you are unable to control2015.01.15 22:17
43ampleThey had ample money for the trip.Adjectivehaving or providing enough or more than enough of what is needed2015.01.15 21:52
44cynicismNothing could change her cynicism about politics.Nounbeliefs that people are generally selfish and dishonest2015.01.15 20:13
45cofferLet me see what's in the household coffers and I'll get back to you about making a donation.Nouna box for holding money or other valuable things2015.01.15 19:45
46strataThe lower strata of society have been hit especially hard by this economic downturn.Nouna level of society made up of people of the same rank or position2015.01.15 18:59
47administrationShe has a degree in business administration.Nounthe activities that relate to running a company, school, or other organization2015.01.15 18:36
48succumbThey will pressure you, and you must try not to succumb.Verbto stop trying to resist something2015.01.05 18:55
49catastropheThe oil spill threatens an unparalleled ecological catastrophe.Nouna terrible event in which there is a lot of destruction or many people are injured or die2015.01.02 10:46
50sustainThis thought had sustained him throughout the years.VerbStrengthen or support physically or mentally.2015.01.02 9:08
51assortmentThe room was filled with an assortment of clothes.NounA miscellaneous collection of things or people.2015.01.02 8:23
52maintainThe need to maintain close links between industry and schools.VerbCause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue.2015.01.02 8:21
53endorseThe report was endorsed by the college.VerbDeclare one's public approval or support of.2015.01.02 8:20
54entityChurch and empire were fused in a single entity.NounA thing with distinct and independent existence.2015.01.02 8:19

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