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Commerce words, 23 Oct 17, 6:23

1terminationBecause of outside controversies, they have to make a termination on their project.Nounan act of ending something2016.11.20 20:36
2facilityThe government spend more money to strengthen the protection facility for citizen.Nounsomething that provide a particular service2016.09.27 20:06
3possessionIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.Nounsomething that you own a situation in which you have own something.2016.09.27 13:10
4universallyIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.Advdescribe something what is usually agreed by most people.2016.09.27 13:01
5bracketIn bracket 20-30 of the graph, we can find the answer.Noun: an object that is attached to hold up something - : a category that includes a certain range,incomes, ages, or prices2016.09.27 09:32
6transpireThis gragh is shown that nothing has transpired since 2000Verb: to happen - : to become known2016.09.27 09:21
7vanThese heavy boxes must van.Verbuse cars to carry2016.09.26 22:07
8counselorMy father is a legal counselor.NounThe people who know professional or provide guidance to personal groups. 2016.09.26 21:59
9commerceMy parents went abroad for their commerce.Nounbusiness2016.09.26 21:50
10obsoleteMany obsolete electronic equipments can not be solved into the dump on time, that will cause the E-trash problem.Adjectivecan not be used any more, too old2016.09.26 19:33
11obsoleteMany obsolete electronic equipments can not be solved into the dump on time, that will cause the E-trash problem.Adjectivecan not be used any more, too old2016.09.26 19:33
12domesticThe film turns about a domestic tragedy.Adjectivea servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household2016.09.26 08:47
13fragranceIt is recommended that people spray a little bit of fragrance. Nouna pleasant and usually sweet smell; a perfume or cologne2016.09.25 18:24
14unacceptable I believe it was unacceptable.Noun not pleasing or welcome : not acceptable2016.09.25 18:23
15dripAll the way dripping down. Verb to fall in drops.2016.09.25 18:22
16streakSee those streaks?Noun a long, thin mark that is a different color from its background. 2016.09.25 18:20
17producerGet into hotels with a producer.Nounsomeone who is in charge of making and usually providing the money for a play, movie, record, etc. 2016.09.25 18:15
18gadgetMany computer gadgets are very useful.Nouna small useful device2016.09.23 08:21
19innovatorAn innovator like Lucas experiments with new ideas.Nouna person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products2016.09.23 08:19
20insolentHe gave an insolent reply to her questionAdjective1.boldly rude or disrespectful; - insulting:2016.09.21 22:26
21disciplineI liked the discipline and structure of the militaryNounpractice of making people obey rules or standards of behaviour, and punishing them when they do not2016.09.21 10:55
22egalitarianIt is an egalitarian State in which each voice is equally weightedNounsupporting or following the idea that all people are equal and should have the same rights and opportunities2016.09.21 10:51
23compulsoryThere is a compulsory course in this schoolAdjectiveyou must do it or accept it; - put into force by law or rules - 2016.09.21 10:41
24reflectHis face was reflected in the mirrorVerb it shows that the attitude or situation exists or it shows what it is like. 2016.09.21 10:36
25constitutionThe constitution is prior to all other lawsNounlaws/rules of a country - (formally states people's rights and duties)2016.09.21 10:31
26aspectThere are many aspects to this problemNounThere are many aspects to this problem2016.09.21 10:26
27aspectsnegative aspects of its economy,values, and social structure.Nouna particular part or feature of something.2016.09.19 17:11
28affordAnyone can afford to go to a university.Nounhave enough money to pay for.2016.09.19 17:04
29disciplineThey need great discipline;in order to make time for their studies. Nounthe practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.2016.09.19 16:53
30emphasisThere is emphasis on the country's rich cultural history. Nounspecial importance,value,or prominence given to something.2016.09.19 16:45
31boredomthe greatest emotional problem was boredom.Nounthe state of feeling bored.2016.09.19 09:33
32interactivityAdvertising has been revolutionized by interactivity.Noun상호작용성2016.05.17 21:19
33dominanceEvery group want to establish dominance over the other group。NounThe dominance of a particular person or thing is the fact that they are more powerful, successful, or important than other people or things.2015.11.09 22:00
34spouseWhen spouses are far from each other they use technology to have conversation.Nouneither member of a married pair in relation to the other; one's husband or wife.2015.11.09 20:40
35hereditaryNow doctors can use technologies to clinical testing in hereditary cancers.Adjectivepassing, or capable of passing, naturally from parent to offspring through the genes2015.11.09 19:39
36rigidlyNew generation is rigidly depended on mobile phones.Adjectivestiff or unyielding; not pliant or flexible; hard; strictly.2015.11.09 19:24
37relianceNowadays human reliance on modern technology is much greater.Nounconfident or trustful dependence.2015.11.09 19:06
38instinctualAnd, if we follow the RAYBURN pattern, as consciously or by an INSTINCTUAL political sense I like to think I have followed it - Adjectiveprompted by or resulting from or as if from instinct; natural; unlearned:2015.11.02 15:42
39peerchildren each will be happy to play with the others' toys until stopped by PEER group pressure.Nouna person who is equal to another in abilities, qualifications, age, background, and social status.2015.11.02 15:39
40terrestrialBut by the end of the poem, he has become a character of extra- TERRESTRIAL proportions, a romantic sufferer carrying on his shAdjectivepertaining to, consisting of, or representing the earth as distinct from other planets.2015.11.02 15:37
41twigwalls and floors of the pool, and consequently against any sharp stone or TWIG, is such that it can be ultimately forced through the liner. - Nouna small, dry, woody piece fallen from a branch2015.11.02 15:32
42instinctiveDo you believe that learned behaviour (vs instinctive behaviour) separates humans from other animals? Why?Adjectivedone or felt without thinking or considering: done or performed by instinct:2015.11.02 15:20
43subsideThey may be intense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm.VerbTo become less strong, or to become less violent2015.07.23 10:14
44subsideThey may be instense while I am experiencing them but will subside like an afternoon thunderstorm.VerbTo become less strong, or to become less violent2015.07.23 10:08
45tolerateA light touch sets off a flight reaction, and my oversensitive nerve ending do not tolerate hugging.VerbTo bear something unpleasant ot annoying, or to keep going despite difficulties.2015.07.23 10:04
46perspectiveIt is weasy to for me to see things from the animals' perspective.Nouna particular way of viewing things that depends on one's experience and personality2015.07.23 10:04
47disputeThe neighbors had a violent dispute about on the noise.Nounan argument or a disagreement between two people, groups or countries.2015.07.23 09:59
48authorityMy husband and I vested my first child with authority for controling her pocket money.Nounthe power to give orders to people2015.07.23 09:56
49impartialwhen the kids fight with each other, the parents must remain impartialAdjectivenot supporting on person or group more than another2015.07.23 09:54
50interventionI think that it was a helpful intervention for themNounaction taken to improve or help a situation2015.07.23 09:52
51squabblingmy kids were squabbling over what to watch the movieAdjectivenoisy argument about something that is not very important2015.07.23 09:50
52commerceOur country has grown rich because of its commerce with other nations.Nountransactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)2015.03.24 09:16
53inventoryThe security asked an inventory of the exhibition for investigating.Nouna written list of all the objects, furniture, etc. in a particular building2015.03.19 13:34
54vending_machineCan you see the guy who stands by the vending_machine?Nouna machine from which you can buy cigarettes, drinks, etc. by putting coins into it2015.03.19 13:31
55ceaselessceaseless rainAdjectivewithout stop, unending2015.03.15 13:01
56cueBut that is exactly what Google Glass makes possible, without the cue of a cameraphone being producedNouna clue, an indication2015.03.15 12:59
57fussmade a fuss over a little accident.Nounan excessive display of attention or activity:2015.03.15 12:50
58nodHe nodded his head in approvalVerbto make a slight, quick bending movement of the head, as in agreement, greeting, or command2015.03.15 12:49
59sidleSidle up to him and then ask for a raise.Verbto move in a furtive or stealthy manner; edge along2015.03.15 12:47
60covertlyThey covertly observed Lauren, who was sitting between Ned and Algie at a nearby table. Advsecret2015.03.15 12:43
61snagOur plans hit a snag when our best player broke her legNounanything that gets in the way of progress:2015.03.15 12:37
62ubiquitousEarth's ubiquitous atmosphere.Adjectivehaving or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent2015.03.15 12:29
63portendWhat do the polls portend for the election?Verbto give warning of; predict or foreshadow2015.03.15 12:27
64headsetwhy don't you use the headset I got you?Nouna pair of headphones, esp with a microphone attached2015.03.15 12:11
65dividendThe dividend of Bank of China this year is only 8%NounThe payment declared by the company to its shareholders2015.03.12 00:31
66pretentiousThe houses in the neighborhood are large and pretentious.Adjectivehaving or showing the unpleasant quality of people who want to be regarded as more impressive, successful, or important than they really are2015.01.15 23:40
67maliciousThe neighborhood chatterbox has again been spreading malicious gossip.Adjectivehaving or showing a desire to cause harm to another person : having or showing malice2015.01.15 23:16
68swellHer broken ankle swelled badly.Verbto become larger than norma2015.01.15 23:06
69recoilWe recoiled in horror at the sight of his wounded arm.Verbto quickly move away from something that is shocking, frightening, or disgusting : to react to something with shock or fear2015.01.15 22:44
70festerHis wounds festered for days before he got medical attention.Verbto become painful and infected2015.01.15 22:39
71precariousHe earned a precarious livelihood by gambling.Adjectivenot safe, strong, or steady2015.01.15 22:36
72throngHe grabbed a megaphone and addressed the vast throng.Nouna large group of people2015.01.15 22:34
73lingerThe tourists didn't linger very long.Verbto stay somewhere beyond the usual or expected time2015.01.15 22:29
74accordHe was accorded certain favors because of his age.Verbto give (something, such as special treatment or status) to someone or something2015.01.15 22:20
75treadDon't tread on the grass.Verbto walk on or along (something)2015.01.15 22:18
76moderateHer doctor recommended moderate exercise.Adjectiveaverage in size or amount : neither too much nor too little2015.01.15 22:13
77ordealThe hikers were finally rescued after a three-day ordeal in the wilderness.Nounan experience that is very unpleasant or difficult2015.01.15 22:11
78endeavorThe school endeavors to teach students to be good citizens.Verbto seriously or continually try to do (something)2015.01.15 22:10
79deceptionShe accuses the company of willful deception in its advertising.Nounthe act of making someone believe something that is not true : the act of deceiving someone2015.01.15 22:08
80formidableThe mountains were a formidable barrier.Adjectivevery powerful or strong : deserving serious attention and respect2015.01.15 22:06
81dieselDoes your car take diesel or gasoline?Nouna vehicle (such as a truck or bus) that has a diesel engine2015.01.15 22:02
82impassiveHer face remained impassive throughout the trial.Adjectivenot showing emotion2015.01.15 21:59
83insensateThe insensate boss refuses to allow time off for funerals.Adjectivelacking sense or understanding2015.01.15 21:57
84tardyShe was tardy to work.Adjectivearriving or doing something late2015.01.15 21:47
85crotchetHer one crotchet is a fondness for eating cookies while soaking in the tub.Nouna peculiar trick or device2015.01.15 21:26
86harnessThe horses were harnessed to the wagon.Verbto put a harness on (an animal)2015.01.15 20:19
87inclineShe listened with her eyes closed and her head inclined.Verbto bend forward or to cause (something) to bend forward2015.01.15 20:17
88uncongenialHe was being asked to support a policy that was uncongenial to him.Adjectivenot pleasant or enjoyable2015.01.15 19:57
89glareThe sun glared down relentlessly.Verbto shine with a harsh, bright light - 2015.01.15 19:52
90avantReaders of this very avant novel should not expect to find much in the way of traditional narrative structure.Adjectiveculturally or stylistically advanced 2015.01.15 19:49
91pediatricianHe is a pediatrician.Nouna doctor who treats babies and children2015.01.15 19:47
92grunThe workers were grunting with effort as they lifted the heavy furniture.Verbto make a short, low sound : to make a grunt2015.01.15 19:43
93provinceThey left the city for life in the provinces.Nounthe parts of a country that are away from large cities2015.01.15 19:40
94pettyMy behavior was petty and stupid. I apologize.Adjectivenot very important or serious2015.01.15 19:31
95immaculateShe had an immaculate record of service.Adjectiveperfectly clean2015.01.15 19:28
96impudentThe boy was punished for his impudent behavior.Adjectivefailing to show proper respect and courtesy : very rude2015.01.15 19:27
97transcendentThe star player's transcendent performance helped the team to a surprise victory.Adjectivegoing beyond the limits of ordinary experience2015.01.15 19:25
98audacityHe had the audacity to suggest that it was all my fault.Nouna confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude : an audacious quality2015.01.15 19:24
99whirlpoolThe swimmer was caught in a whirlpool and nearly drowned.Nounan area of water in a river, stream, etc., that moves very fast in a circle2015.01.15 19:18
100hindranceIs my presence here a help or a hindrance?Nouna person or thing that makes a situation difficult : a person or thing that hinders someone or something2015.01.15 19:05
101derangeBeing stranded at night on a lonely road would derange anyone.Verbto disturb the operation or functions of2015.01.15 18:52
102obstructA large tree obstructed the road.Verbto block (something, such as a pipe or street) so that things cannot move through easily2015.01.15 18:42
103conventThe nuns live in the convent.Nouna group of nuns who live together; also : the house or buildings they live in2015.01.15 18:40
104motorcadeThe next part of the parade was a motorcade of fire engines.Nouna group or line of cars or other vehicles that travel together2015.01.15 18:31
105quipThey traded quips over a beer.Nouna clever remark2015.01.15 18:27
106tombWe visited the tomb of Shakespeare. Nouna grave, especially a large one above ground2015.01.09 11:37
107haulA truck hauled the load away.Verbto pull something heavy with a continuous, steady movement2015.01.09 11:34
108greaseHis hair looked shiny with grease. Nounanimal fat that is soft after being melte2015.01.09 11:32
109erectWe had to sleep in hastily erected bunk beds. Verbto fix all the pieces of something together, and put it in an upright position2015.01.09 11:14
110inflammationMany babies develop a mild inflammation in the eyes a few days after birth.Nounswelling and soreness on or in part of your body, which is often red and hot to touch2015.01.09 05:36
111componentThe repair shop sells electrical components .Nounone of several parts that together make up a whole machine or system2015.01.09 05:09
112trailblazerHe is a trailblazer in the field of medical research.Nounsomeone who is the first to discover or develop new methods of doing something2015.01.02 21:08
113bilingual She is bilingual in English and Punjabi.Adjectiveable to speak two languages equally well2015.01.02 10:53
114premiumFarmers are being offered a premium for organically grown vegetables. Nounan additional amount of money, above a standard rate or amount2015.01.02 10:31
115lureThe price also lures students.Verbto persuade someone to do something, especially something wrong, by promising them something they want2015.01.02 10:10
116tobaccoThis small store sells all kinds of tobacco. Nounthe dried brown leaves that are smoked in cigarettes, pipes etc2015.01.02 10:07
117revampAn attempt to revamp the museum's image.VerbGive new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.2015.01.02 9:00
118implementAgricultural implements.NounA tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment, especially as used for a particular purpose.2015.01.02 8:13
119razorHe shaved his face with a razor.Nouna sharp instrument used for removing hair, especially from a man's face2015.01.02 7:49
120onionThere is too much onion in the salad.Nouna round white vegetable with a brown skin and many layers, that has a strong taste and smell2015.01.02 7:47
121ambitionYour problem is you have no ambition. Noundetermination to be successful, rich, powerful etc2015.01.02 7:43
122advanceRemarkable advances have been made in space science. Nouna change, discovery, or invention that brings progress2015.01.02 7:40

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