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The Compleat Word Lister v.3.2 v.3.5 WORK UNDER WAY 7-10 SEPT 2023

Five list types - for exploring what information different lists can provide. French or English.
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Input Method A
Rich analysis of smaller texts
Type or paste small/medium text (<10000 words) below and click Submit_window  

What do Zipf's Laws of Lexical Distribution tell us about re-writing texts to increase recycling?

Consult the data


Options: [ Types Lemmas Families ]   [Repeated Phrases] [Line numbers] [Function words] [Count Singletons]    

Samples: Isogram | Lit (1) (2) (1+2) | Graded Lit (1) (2) (1+2) | Speech (1) (2) | Rex M. | Green Eggs      

Input Method B Standard frequency lists from corpora on LextutorNEW!
1.     Choose a Lextutor corpus up to 2 million words and then   2.  

Concept from John Sinclair's discussion of different types of lists (Corpus Concordance Collocation, 1991, Ch. 2), coded T. Cobb, UQAM, Montreal