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 Familizer + Lemmatizer v.2.0
      Expand list or text into all-members family or lemma list, or reduce it to headwords only
      » Nov 2016 - 25k BNC-COCA lists replace 20k BNC list as basis for familization; Dec 2017 - NGSL lemmatized lists are added as an option
Use Familizer/Lemmatizer to build headword lists from text or full list, or full lists from headword list, e.g. in order to test the coverage of the list in a text (here) or corpus (here).

Input mode A: Type or paste smaller file (<10,000 words) below and click Submit_window.


 OPTIONS Unit: [Families or Lemmas ? ] Comprising: [All Members or Headwords ] Formatted: [Tabs or Lines ]

Samples: List AWL Heads , Text Rex Murphy                                                      

Input mode B: Upload larger TEXT files (To one million words, depending on traffic etc). Default setting full lemmas and tabbed.
  1.  on own drive ; and then     2.  

Families are 25k BNC-COCA groupings from Paul Nation; lemmas are combined Neo-GSL 1k-2k-NAWL-TOEIC-Business groupings from Charles Browne (both described here)