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 Familizer + Lemmatizer v.2.5   Sort output option AUG '23
      Expand list or text into all-members family or lemma list, or reduce it to headwords only
      » Nov 2016, 25k BNC-COCA lists replace 20k BNC list as basis for familization; Dec 2017, lemma option; Nov 2019 French (in progress); NOV 2023 better single word handling
Use Familizer/Lemmatizer to build all-member or headword-only lemma or family lists from any text or list. Limitation Can populate headword lists whether Fams or Lems but will not create new headwords from derived forms in the case of Fam-->Lem lists; or, will reduce lemma list to families but not expand family list to lemmas (work under way to achieve this goal in Sept 2022). USES: Use fleshed out lists e.g. to test their coverage in a text (here) or corpus (here). Use headword lists as vocab p/review or flashcards. Get more headword lists to experiment with here (top right for BNC/COCA families, below at 'BNC Lems K' for lemmas).

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>Demos: List AWL Head | BN-Coca Fams 1k Head, 1k all | BNC 1k Lem/head | Fr 1k Lem/head Text Rex | Abandon (Fr)

Input mode B: Upload larger TEXT files (To 1 million words, depending on traffic etc). Default setting full lemmas, tabbed.
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Families are 25k BNC-COCA groupings from Paul Nation; lemmas are adapted from Laurence Anthony's crunch of the BNC (AntBNC lemma list v.003 here)