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Text-Based Concordances   (v.3 , Capacity expansion Feb 2016)
See how Scott Thornbury
uses this page to work on his Spanish

Transform any text (up to c. 10,000 words in window mode, about 50,000 words in upload mode) into a complete
concordance index for every word, with interactive left-right collocate sort options and hyperlinked to matching frequency list.

(1) Enter the title of your text.   (2) Copy/type text below.

(3) Choose


Colloc Sort  
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OR... UPLOAD larger *.txt files (CURRENT RELIABLE MAX = 300k - ≅60,000 words - in 30 secs - @ 2,000 wds/sec [2016/2/15])
French/Spanish files must be encoded ANSI for correct render
Based on Mark Zimmerman (1988/1992), Texas Freetext Browser for Mac, as adapted and used here, then adapted for Web by Tom Cobb, UQAM Montreal Canada