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Multi-Concordance + Quiz Builder v.5.6
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What: Concordance several words, either for comparison (plain) or "which-word-fits-all-these" task - via paper (gaps) or interactive (quiz).

How: Put words (demo1) , words+phrases (demo2), phrases (demo3) , multi-word units (demo5), or families (demo4) into box above,

OR French Lexis, Grammar (1), or Grammar (2),
...then choose corpus and options and click BUILD.
Output Modes:
1. Plain
  • KWIC format (key word in context) for several words/phrases
    2. Paper gaps
  • Page-width context, keyword gapped
  • Black-on-white for easy-print/paste to worksheet (Worksheet idea)
  • 3. Interactive gaps
  • Target words are linked to Dictionary
  • Re-Randomization & cumulative score to facilitate re-runs
  • Stay-put top links, arrow-tab shortcuts