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Contents form two graded reader corpora accessible on the English Concordance page, corpus_graded_1k (0-1200 headwords; 2.5MB; 540,000 words), and corpus_graded_2k (1400-2300 headwords; 5MB; 920,000 words).
Here the whole collection can be searched by publisher.

Oxford Bookworms [OUP]
=====++=== Penguin Readers [Pearson] ====++====
Cambridge English Readers [CUP]

LEVEL 1 (400 headwords)
The Elephant Man
Goodbye Mr Hollywood
The Lottery Winner
Remember Miranda
Mutiny on the Bounty
One Way Ticket (3 train stories)
Christmas in Prague
The President's Murderer
A Little Princess
White Death
The Witches of Pendle

LEVEL 2 (700 headwords)
Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery
Dead Man's Island
Death in the Freezer
Grace Darling
Henry VIII and His Six Wives
The Jungle Book (Green)
Matty Doolin
New Yorkers
The Speckled Band
The Death of Karen Silkwood

LEVEL 3 (1000 headwords)
Chemical secret
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Ethan Frome
Love Story
Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Who Sir? Me Sir?
Wyatt's Hurricane
The USA (non-fiction)

LEVEL 4 (1400 headwords)
The 39 steps
Lord Jim
The Moonspinners
Silas Marner
The Songs of Distant Earth
Three Men in a Boat
The Unquiet Grave
Washington Square

LEVEL 5 (1800 headwords)
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Brat Farrar
The Bride Price
The Garden Party and Other Stories
Ghost Stories
The Dead Of Jericho
Wuthering Heights

LEVEL 6 (2500 headwords)
American Crime Stories
Cold Comfort Farm
Cry Freedom
Decline and Fall
The Enemy
Jane Eyre
Pride and Prejudice

LEVEL 1 (300 headwords)
Island for Sale
Little Women
Rip Van Winkle

LEVEL 2 (600 headwords)
Call of the Wild
King Arthur
Sherlock Holmes
Anne of Green Gables

LEVEL 3 (1200 headwords)
Chance of a Lifetime
Dangerous Game
House of Usher
Horse Whisperer
Count of Monte Cristo
Sense and Sensibility
The Ring

LEVEL 4 (1700 headwords)
Portrait of Dorian Gray
Mosquito Coast
Oliver Twist
The Client

LEVEL 5 (2300 headwords)
Sherlock Holmes - 4 tales
Dr Zhivago

LEVEL 3 (1200 headwords)
The Beatles
British Life
Football Stories
Grey Owl
How to Be an Alien
Mysteries of the Unexplained
New York
The Oscars
Princess Diana
The Romans
The Royal Family
Stories of Courage
Happy Christmas

LEVEL 4 (1700 headwords)
Alexander the Great

LEVEL 1 (400 headwords)
Inspector Logan

LEVEL 3 (1300 headwords)
How I Met Myself
Double Crossed
Ironing Man
Two Lives

LEVEL 4 (1700-2000 headwords)
Nothing But the Truth
Staying Together
A Matter of Chance
When Summer Comes

LEVEL 5 (2800 headwords)
Jungle Love