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  Clickers Builder v.09     Mobile Learner Response System      

This program builds a simple blank multiple-choice quiz response format for max 10 questions, which appear sequentially on numbered screens on mobile phone (or computer). Quiz-takers' responses are assembled on a bar chart showing the number opting for each choice, which test creator can access and display. The goal is to get a quick idea what learners understand & what needs further treatment (or many other types of surveys - like 'What day can we meet - A Monday, B Tuesday,' etc, ).

The questions themselves do not appear on screen but are delivered by PPT, paper, voice. Deliver clickers set to learners by emailing the link that will appear.

A clickers set can be used more than once - the teacher can empty the answers, or allow them to accumulate for several groups. Here is a picture of a quiz interface with 10 questions, and here is a Picture of the corresponding synopsis bar chart. Read a clickers rationale by Walcir Cardoso here (from pre mobile era). To make a Clickers Response System just fill in the information below and click 'Save'. Details will appear in the silver space. To try without saving, use the default name 'your_title' which will be deleted.

  [A] HOW MANY questions =>     [B] Short, memorable NAME     [C]                 
The address of your clickers system will appear here

Visit and record this link as soon as it appears PLUS password for results display and emptying - this will not be on display again

Tom Cobb - UQAM - Geneva Winter 2017