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 Corpus Builder v.3.1
    Up to 50 files, or combined ZIP file (2020 Apr 28); French capacity for utf8 encoded files (2022 Oct 5)
This program assembles up to 50 separate text (~.txt) files or a single ZIPPED set.
  TEXTS MAY NEED CLEAN-UP (post assembly is easier)
  * Remove any tags in Tag Stripper, find/replace any nonstandard features (curly apostrophes...)  

Choose NUMBER of text files to upload     OR
  +/ -2/  



Assemble text files in a folder and ZIP together [?]

Get Demo ZIP > Novel    

Browse Desktop for each file name       OR


 01 .
 02 .
 03 .


[C]                                     OR

    [D]  Check, repeat, Copy to clipboard and Paste to a text document  


Tom Cobb - UQAM