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 Compleat Reaction Timer   v.8    
   Build timed language processing instruments, with/-out priming
            And Yes-No Test Builder
                      For computer or mobile

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Cross plaform/Feb 2012
Mobile-compatible output, Summer 2016
Saved user data, Autumn 2017
PNWs (plausible non-words)

McDonough & Trofimovich (09)
Pawley & Syder (83)
Randall & Meara (88)
Ryan & Meara (91)
Sanchez & Schmitt (12)
Shiotsu (09)
Bruer/deHaene (97)

Learners/subjects make timed choices about which category words or larger units belong in (real word or non-, animate or in-, known or un-...).

   1.  Enter a 1-word name    2.  Formulate choice as a Yes-No Question
Tell S's the question and how to answer it (see Demos =>)

 3.  Give v. brief instructions

 4.  Put Yes words here (Ss type "Arrow-Left" to answer Yes to these words).

 5.  Put No words here (Ss type "Arrow-Right" to answer No to these words).


   6.       7.    Test, Close & Re-Build until satisfied  8.  SAVE when ready at built version
(Both Built and Saved versions record user data by IP_Address at User Data)