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   For timed language processing instruments, w-/w-out priming

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PNWs (plausible non-words)

McDonough & Trofimovich (09)
Pawley & Syder (83)
Randall & Meara (88)
Ryan & Meara (91)
Sanchez & Schmitt (12)
Shiotsu (09)

Learner/subject makes timed decisions about which categories words or larger units belong in (real word or non-; animate or in-; known or un-...) Behind these decisions lie interesting variables in language processing and/or stage of language acquisition as shown by decisions' accuracy and the time they take. Check the demos and rationales

 1.  Enter a 1-word name

 2.  Formulate decision as a short Yes-No Question (see Demos)
 3.  Give clear but brief instructions

 4.  Put Yes words here (Ss type "Arrow-Left" to answer Yes to these).

 5.  Put No words here (Ss type "Arrow-Right" to answer No to these).



   6.           7.    Test & repeat  8.  SAVE when ready from built version