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MorphoLex Affix Profiler with TEXT MODE   v.3.3   (Oct-Dec 2021, multi-affixes - relent+less+ly)    
MORPHOLEX lists all the regular inflectional + derivational affixes in the families of a text (or list) according to  Bauer & Nation's (1993)  framework of morphological complexity. 'Regular' here means attached to an identifiable base word. This routine is a 'profiler' in that like VP it gives a percent of tokens at each category level plus the number of levels and specific affixes needed to achieve 95% and 98% coverage in the list or text. The target accuracy for this routine is 95% 98%. Research: Read a 2020 study using this routine here and follow occasional updates to this study here. Short example texts used in the study + training lists are in the menu below; click links to get larger texts used in the study to copy/paste and replicate - Academic Laufer, Press Murphy, Fiction Gatsby, Simplified Lord Jim.

1. Choose/paste text (to 10k/30 secs)      ? 

2. Choose
    affix level=>

1-6 (WF6)


3. Choose a format:
  List Table                   4.



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