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001. r. Bargain breaks available from March to November. Ring or WRITE to Ann Slade for further details. BLUE ANCHOR PARK Pos
002. returned from our holiday in Czechoslovakia and felt I must WRITE to say how much we enjoyed it. Our only complaint is t
003. liday in Hungary with my six year old son and I feel I must WRITE to thank you. We both enjoyed ourselves so much. The j
004. "We returned from our holiday in Hungary and I felt I must WRITE to you. It was the first time we'd ever done an overla
005. lem with your hair and you'd like an answer from an expert, WRITE to us at thanks Our thanks to the following salons wit
006. coal. We have 100 in shade Soft Charcoal, worth £1.95 WRITE to. 10 free What on earth can you buy the girl who has
007. om around the world. Try tracing them on to thin card. Then WRITE the country and Brownie names on separate cards and ma
008. a torch, try to spell out your name. Get another Brownie to WRITE down the dots and dashes you signal to see if you have
009. le which is full of fundraising ideas. If you'd like a copy WRITE to Leap time, Oxfam, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DZ
010. packs and sign up to take part in National No-Menacing Week WRITE to: Tommy, London SE99 6RD -- Tel: 071 620 2654. pen-p
011. rownies are all looking for pen- pals. If you would like to WRITE to one of them, send a letter c/o BROWNIE magazine and
012. to the English Language School in Perm. They would like to WRITE to Brownie pen-pals in Britain. ANSWERS FLAGS These fl
013. have learned calligraphy in school or at Brownies you could WRITE the words of the Promise neatly on the bookmark. Cut o
014. different world flags. Then glue these on to the bookmark. WRITE the name of each country under the flag. Find out how
015. any different languages as you can and use coloured pens to WRITE the words on the bookmark. Trace the promise Badges on
016. promise Badges on page 31 and glue them onto the bookmark. WRITE the Brownie name and country underneath them. If every
017. cture on Rainbow Rabbit on to the paper. Leave it to dry. 4 WRITE the words Happy Thinking Day inside the card. 1 INTERI
018. r a party to beat them all, but the Spaniards decided to re-WRITE the script. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND V SPAIN /WEDNESDAY; PA
019. nant, photographer with IMA Ltd, Victoria Biddulph, fashion WRITER for the Evening Star and Billy Brennan, general manag
020. h District Brownie Revels, which had a Peter Pan theme. The WRITER of this month's Star Letter has won a storybook. If y
021. d them to us and we'll try to publish them. Each month, the WRITER of the best letter will receive a special book prize.
022. s copied by Anthony Wood, a late seventeenth-century Oxford WRITER. It is probably just an elaboration of the historical
023. urites It was a hundred and fifty years ago that the French WRITER Alphonse Karr said: "the more things change, the more
024. aledonia, the "British Apollo", and was elaborated by later WRITERS. After attending the famous schools in Athens, Bladu
025. lders Sudbury being saved by a late goal to force a replay, WRITES ALAN COCKSEDGE. The Beazer Homes League visitors have
026. apidly approaching 1993 season already promises much more ( WRITES Kevin Wegg). Foxhall Stadium opens its doors for the
027. n meets Linighan with an FA Cup semi- final place at stake (WRITES Dave Allard). Ipswich Town's centre-half and skipper
028. -up to a bid for the Lincoln at Doncaster later this month (WRITES our Newmarket correspondent). This lightly raced four
029. ng in tomorrow's Star of Anglia meeting at Foxhall Stadium (WRITES Elvin King). The Witches have received backing from t
030. at the back. The Sixer decides on a three letter word. She "WRITES" the first letter with her finger on the back of the
031. y with you in the future". Mrs. A. C. (Leek, Staffs.) "I am WRITING to thank you for a lovely holiday near Brno in Czech
032. is passed to the front of the line in this way -- each girl WRITING on the back of the one in front. The other two lette
033. she is. When Mrs Van Smirren returned the sheet, instead of WRITING her age phonetically she put "never you mind". There
034. storybook. If you would like the chance to win a prize, get WRITING now. MUSIC DAY Last November, there was a music day
035. years old and comes from County Durham. She likes swimming, WRITING, going away in her family's caravan and going to Bro
036. he 8th Linlithgow Pack in West Lothian. She enjoys reading, WRITING, listening to music, looking after rabbits and danci
037. gs to the 4th Harold Hill Pack in Essex. She likes skating, WRITING letters, reading and playing the clarinet. Eight-yea
038. maths and dancing. Hannah lives in Watford, Herts. Reading, WRITING, art, wildlife, chess, kite flying and swimming are
039. rians such as Richard Butcher and Francis Peck. John Leland WRITING in the mid-sixteenth century calls the whole episode
040. e is no evidence, though, for the existence of "Merlin" and WRITINGS attributed to him are spurious. This implies that t
041. congratulate Olympic champion McKoy, the disappointment was WRITTEN all over his face. Oystermen come close to victory L
042. h King Credo fourth. Extra special Numerically, Pipe has re-WRITTEN the racing annuals, topping the double century mark
043. time for supper! Little Women Little Women is a famous book WRITTEN by Louisa May Alcott. It was first published in 1868
044. the theatre with her, Amy has burned the book which Jo has WRITTEN. Little Women is published by Puffin Books. WHAT COU
045. to us. It should have your name, age, address and Unit name WRITTEN on it. Send the postcard to: Notebook Offer/ BROWNIE
046. nts and Oxford had been plunged into chaos and riot. A poem WRITTEN in Stamford in 1334 and addressed to Fitz-Ralph, Cha
047. from Graham's first-team plans more than a year ago when he WROTE an article in a national newspaper criticising the man
048. Elizabeth, excited. Mum nodded, laughing. Victoria hastily WROTE down an address, and ran off just in time to catch the
049. Book IV of his poem the Faerie Queene , published in 1596, WROTE: Which was then adapted by Drayton: Henry Hanna from a
050. Robert of Stratford, the Chancellor of England and Oxford, WROTE to Cambridge University with the sobering thought that

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