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 N-Word or Rational Cloze Builder   v.8.5 SCORING ERROR CORRECTED 1 FEB 2020
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 1  Choose Mode: N-Word (skip cap wds ) / Rational: Word Multiword      2  Short title:

 3  Enter Sent 1:

 4  Enter rest of text:

If mode=n-word
 5a  Choose deletion ratio              5b  All-Items menus
      or number of choices:
         5c  Type or Alt-Dbl-Click words to skip->
        [empty]   [+all functors]   [?]
If mode=rationale
 6a  If Rational: Word:
type or Dbl-Click target words [empty]
         6b  If Rational: Multiword :
Select multiword in text then [empty]

 7  OTHER TOOLS/OPTIONS    (a)    (b)     (c) Paper?       (d) Dictionary language   (e) Number questions? 

 8  DEMOS: [Text]  [+Video MP4 (Terry Fox)[Youtube Pink | Bowie> China Girl  Major Tom ]

 9    Then BUILD, modify, and when ready SAVE on Lextutor (from button on trial output).