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Classic VP Classic v.4 (English, JUNE 2013)
Laufer and Nation's classic four-way (GSL1/GSL2/AWL/OFFLIST) word sorter
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Vocabulary Profilers break texts down by word frequencies in the language at large, as opposed to in the text itself. Most of the English Vocabprofilers on this site are based on Laufer and Nation's Lexical Frequency Profiler, and divide the words of texts into either first and second thousand levels, academic words, and the remainder or 'offlist,' or the BNC based 20 levels plus off-list. [Since this was written, several more frameworks have taken the field - see VP-Compleat.] VP is used for many research and teaching purposes (like matching text to learner via Levels Test   (click here to see how).

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Integral text: buck did not read the newspapers or he would have known that trouble was brewing not only for himself but for every tide water dog strong of muscle and with warm long hair from puget sound to san diego


1k types: [families 27 : types 29 : tokens 31 ] and_[1] buck_[1] but_[1] did_[1] dog_[1] every_[1] for_[2] from_[1] have_[1] he_[1] himself_[1] known_[1] long_[1] newspapers_[1] not_[2] of_[1] only_[1] or_[1] read_[1] sound_[1] strong_[1] that_[1] the_[1] to_[1] trouble_[1] was_[1] water_[1] with_[1] would_[1]
2k types: [3:3:3] hair_[1] tide_[1] warm_[1]
OFF types: [ ?:5:5 ] brewing_[1] diego_[1] muscle_[1] puget_[1] san_[1]

Lexical Profilers adapted for Web by Tom Cobb, UQAM. Download latest offline version (Range) from Paul Nation or Lawrence Antony (ANT-Profiler).