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Compleat Text Stripper   v.2
  Remove tags, numbers, spaces, empty lines, single letters, returns from texts <50,000 wds      

For e.g. clean input to text analysis routines         (TO UNDO click in box then Ctrl-Z)   *NEW* June 2010, user-side regex capability

      | Remove >

Remove Words: Type or double-click into box, then
Remove lines (not) bearing these: Type/click to box, then
Regex tester
Replace all > with this>
CaSe insens

Remove duplicate + empty lines

Change text to list
(retaining original numbers, from e.g. VP output)

Open JS code by Tom Cobb; v.1 June 2006, VUW New Zealand; v.2 June 2010, W Africa             Temp. homographs stuff: remov   anyword-preps   anyword-ends   bars   smalls