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Compleat Reaction Timer   v.4.5    
To build timed language processing instruments, with or without priming
            And Yes-No Test Builder
Cross-browser/Cross plaform/Feb 2012 More PNWs (plausible non-words)
Learners/subjects make timed choices about which of two categories a word or larger unit belongs in (real word or non-word, animate or inanimate, same or different, correct or incorrect, known or unknown, etc).

   1.  Formulate the choice as a Yes-No Question    2.  Load inputs
Tell S's the question and how to answer it (see Demos =>)

Put Yes words here (Ss type "1" to answer Yes to these words).

Put No words here (Ss type "3" to answer No to these words).


 (*seq* new, Jan '14)


   3.  Try it.       With fingers over 1,2,& 3 -
Type 1 for  YES, 3 for  NO
Type 2 for  NEXT WORD

   4.       5.  Save instrument from built instrument to own computer using File > Save As > IE as "Webpage HTML Only"; Safari/FF/Chrome as "WebPage Complete" (Single file; works off-line; no session feedback; cumulative results to bottom.)  

Coded in PERL & JS by Tom Cobb, DDL/UQAM, v.4.5, Sept 2013 (Sequential presentation in Ryan and Meara replication).