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Range programs tell you about the distribution of words or other lexical units across a set of two or more texts. The texts can be comparable corpora or subdivisions of a corpus, or a set of texts supplied by a user

    1. Corpus-based Range
    From a single interface, three corpus-sets can be compared for a particular word, chunk, or family: (1) Speech vs. Writing in English, (2) Speech vs. Writing in French, and (3) the several sections of the million-word Brown corpus at one of two grain sizes.
    2. Text-based Range
    Upload up to 25 of your own texts and see how many of them each word appears in - and in which texts each word appears.
    2.1 Text-Lex Compare
    A special version of Text Range, with rich output adapted to pedagogical purposes, including paste-in input, the calculation of a Recycling Index with regard to the second text or the final text in a series, and a selection of examples with characteristic indexes (different topic, different author, same topic different author, etc. Output links to VP-BNC.



Range - Based on Heatley and Nation (1994) plus several updates, latest version of which can be obtained here. Adapted for Web by Tom Cobb - Université du Québec à Montréal