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Range tell you about the distribution of words or other lexical units across a set of two or more texts. The texts can be comparable corpora or subdivisions of a corpus, or a set of texts supplied by a user

    1. Range for Sample Corpora
    From a single interface, three corpus-sets can be compared for a particular word, chunk, or family: (1) Speech vs. Writing in English, (2) Speech vs. Writing in French, and (3) the several sections of the million-word Brown corpus at one of two grain sizes.
    2. Range for User Texts
    Upload up to 25 of your own texts and see how many of them each word appears in - and in which texts each word appears.
    2.1 Text-Lex Compare
    This is special version of Range for Texts, with rich output adapted to pedagogical purposes, including paste-in input, the calculation of a Recycling Index with regard to the second text or the final text in a series, and a selection of examples with characteristic indexes (different topic, different author, same topic different author, etc. Output links to VP-BNC.



Range - Based on Heatley and Nation (1994) plus several updates, latest version of which can be obtained here. Adapted for Web by Tom Cobb - Université du Québec à Montréal