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Full length texts you can listen to before, after, or as you read. Click on any word to hear it spoken (TTS is back - for phrases and short sentences as well as single words.) Save words to word box to collect later or send to three Reading-Plus activities.

English Ungraded
    • Call of the Wild

        MP3, TTS, Concordance, Dictionary

French Ungraded
    • Boule de Suif

        MP3, TTS, Concordance, Dictionary

English Graded
    • Story Library (11 complete texts)
        MP3 recording, TTS, Dictionary, & Crossword info-gap for each chapter


R: What does the research say about listening while reading within your "i+1"? Check out Cobb, Greaves & Horst (2001), "Can the rate of lexical acquisition from reading be increased?" in English or French

R: Can RA-Reading help develop literacy on a broad scale? Read an argument: Cobb, T. (2009). "Internet and literacy in the developing world: Delivering the teacher with the text." In Literacy for All in Africa

D: Build Your Own RA_Read hypertexts (Fr/Eng, Two Formats, Cross-Platform) @ Hypertext Home

Stories from Oxford Bookworms and Cambridge readers; voice recordings by professionals and various students