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To build resource-linked texts for intensive reading or lists for tailor-made List_Learn

See a hypertext collection created by v.2 here: http://lextutor.ca/ra_read/graded/

  Wire your own texts to...

  • TTS and/or recorded sound is temporarily unavailable
  • Concordance +/or dictionary
  • Reading-plus activities     Read the research in English or French.


      v.1   Text+Speech+Concordance+Dictionary > IE|SAF|FF|CHROME x PC|MAC

        >>> FR-ENG 1-interface
          ARCHIVED English | French
      v.3    Text+Speech+Media+Dictionaries (no concordance) > IE|SAF|FF|CHROME x PC|MAC

        >>>   HYPERTEXT_2 TTS for multi-words! Sept 2013   How-To Screen Videos for linking to Youtube etc

          ARCHIVED     French | Spanish


    Dictionaries by WordReference (Longman, Cambridge abandoned because of excessive ads); wiring by Tom Cobb .