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20k Familizer Proto v 0.5 Expand a raw word list into a family list.
NOTE: Undelying BNC lists are (a) experimental and (b) under revision, mid-2010

One use of Familizer is to build family word lists of technical terms drawn from a specialist corpus (or for starters the offlist a VP output culled for frequency>x). The additional coverage of such a list (beyond GSL+AWL) in domain texts can then be verified by loading it into Classic VP as an extra stoplist (upload version only, August 2007).

Input mode A: Type or paste smaller file (<10,000 words) below and click Submit_window.

Title:   List Format: Headwords only Family in Lines Family in Tabs

Samples: List AWL Heads , Text Rex Murphy                                                            
Input mode B: Upload larger lists (To one million words, depending on traffic, processor, etc)
1. own drive for list file; and then     2.  

Developed for CNA-Q August 07