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Text-Based Concordances   (v. 2.5, - French + Spanish - May 2013)
See how Scott Thornbury
uses this page to work on his Spanish

Transform any text (up to c. 10,000 words in window mode) or small corpus (up to 50,000 words in upload mode below) into a complete
concordance index for every word, with interactive left-right collocate sort options and hyperlinked to matching frequency list.

+ 2013: Homonym tagging of natural texts - cancelled Jan 2013 (tp reappear elsewhere).

(1) Enter the title of your text.   (2) Copy/type text below.

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OR... UPLOAD larger TEXT (*.txt) files (MAX 300k - 1500 words/sec - French/Spanish files require ANSI encoding)

Based on Mark Zimmerman (1988) Freetext Browser for Mac. By Tom Cobb, UQAM Canada.