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Online concordancers
A concordance gives a list of several words, phrases, or distributed structures along with immediate contexts, from a corpus
or other collection of texts assembled for language study.
  1. Corpus-based concordances v.7: English | French | German | Spanish           Clean Sentences Conc (English)   Pasting into Word?
    • Entry is user's word, phrase or structure; output is all instances of entry in context throughout a small corpus
    • English corpora include Brown, BNC spoken & written samplers (1,000,000 words), + medical, legal and arts
    • French corpora include LeMonde, de Maupassant (1,000,000 words) + collections
    • July 08 new algo, single interface, no-chop contexts, random extraction
    • June 09 Brown corpus joined by Brun (French) and Bruno (June 10, Spanish)
    • Aug 10 refinable output, corpus switching, per-million counts
    • March 13 Family-member frequencies (Eng); remainder counts from start-with search (Fr, Ger, Sp)
    • March 14 Menu-fired and input-altered search

    + Multi_Concordance v.5.3, update Xmas 2012, English + French
    • Enter several words, word families, or multi-word units
    • Multiple outputs allows easy comparison
    • Task-builder option (worksheet or interactive)
    • Re-Randomization Oct '08; cumulative score + bilingual Dec '12
  2. Text-based concordances: Eng|Fren|Span NEW!
    • Entry is user's text, output is concordance-linked frequency index for entire text, with rt-left sort
  3. Story concordancers: English | French
    • Every word in a full length story is click-linked to concordances from rest of the story + other works by author
  4. Related: Range and N-Gram are types of concordancers; Concord Writer is a writing tool integrated with Conc 1 above (all Eng/Fr).

Concept for corpus-based versions by Chris Greavs; Perl code for all concordancers by Tom Cobb, Université du Québec à Montréal