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Corpus Builder v.2.3     Up to 50 files, format choices (Jan 2016)

This program assembles up to 50 text (~.txt), html (~.html/.htm), or Word (~.doc) files or combinations thereof as a single combined file in a new window (to preserve upload settings on this page).

Output formats: The immediate output is flowed as one long paragraph with "START" and heavy horizontal line dividers between texts OR just three empty lines between texts, following user choice - at [C].

  * Remove any tags in Tag Stripper
    - FEB '12 - Most WORD DOC FILES can now be processed but still no ~.docx

    [A] Choose NUMBER of text files to upload=>  
  +/ -2/  

    [B] Browse Hard Disk for each file name
 01 .
 02 .
 03 .

    [C] NEW Choose options: (1) Dividers between texts? (=Indicate start, end, and divide with a heavy line)     (2)...

    [D] Click

    [E]  Copy-Paste output into an empty text file document  

Tom Cobb - UQAM