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Text Lex Compare v.3 June '13             Research                     ↓ TEXT COMPARISON DEMOS   in ascending order of shared lexis
  • Subtract one text from another; one list from another; a list from a text.
  • Find the degree of word repetition over a set of lists or texts (news articles, book chapters, etc)
  • See what's new and what's review in Chapter 2
(1) Unrelated topic, different authors
(2) Unrelated topic, same author
(3) Same topic, different authors
(4) Related topic, different authors
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(5) Same topic, same author
(6)     (5)+simplified
(7) Text + User List
(8) BNC_1 v BNC-COCA_1 NEW
(9) BNC_2 v BNC-COCA_2
(10) BNC_3 v BNC-COCA_3


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[Method A] First text here
Second text here
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Text Lex Compare by Tom Cobb, UQAM