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Range for Texts   v.4
  Capacity 8 novels x 125k = 1,000,000 wds/40 secs); column sorting

Upload up to 25 of your own texts (e.g., chapters of a course book, works of an author, frequency lists created by by other Lextutor routines, etc) and find (1) the frequency of each word in the combined collection, (2) the range of each word across texts, e.g., the word appears in these 6 of your 10 texts, and (3) NEW! precise grouping and counting with online sorting (by alpha, frequency, VP, or individual text).

[ See Prefab Sample Output + Output Filter Demo ]             LAST MAJOR EXPANSION JULY 2015     What's New in v.3?

(1) Save files as TEXT FILES (with *.txt extension)               Explore Range with sample texts Call of the Wild or News in French, July '15

(2) Choose number of files

(3) Browse desktop with "Choose File" buttons below to load file names

(4) Enter a title

(5) Options :   Unit   Families  || Types    

                        Language/VP-Frame   BNC-Coca || BNC || French v.5  

(6) Stoplists (words that Range should ignore)

                        BNC Coca:   1k 2k ]    or   BNC (Eng.):   1k 2k]    or   French v.5:   1k 2k]


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