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Concordance for starts lack in USbrown_UKbncw sorted 1 wd right of key         No dictionary in this routine      
  sorted   +assoc on side for   lines    


98 hits
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 Distribution for lack = ~  :   ~ing=45 ~ed=34 ~s=15 ~adaisical=1 ~eys=1 ~ing#=1 ~lustre=1

Distribution information comes with (1) SUB-CORPUS SORT or (2) FAMILY (LEMMA) or STARTS SEARCH with KEY SORT

SUMMARY : KEYWORD=LACK; NUMBER=98; LANGUAGE=English; SEARCHTYPE= starts; SORT=1 words right of keyword; CORPUS=USbrown_UKbncw (11.58 MB); AssocSide=/SIDE= either ; GAPPED=no_gaps; LINEWIDTH=80 chars; DEMO=no; CPU SECS=1.14  

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