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Larger context for WRITTEN in Corpus brown_bncw.txt

  If she does create a new four-bead group, she "wins" these four beads and takes them off the board, leaving the hole empty.   (This first turn can take quite a bit of time while the game gets under way).   The other player then picks up four beads from one hole on her side and plays in the same way.   The game continues until all the beads are off the board.   The players then return their beads to the board in groups of four.   If one girl now has more than 24 beads, she has won a hole for each four beads on the other player's side.   She may start her turn in those holes, which will strengthen her position.   The game continues until one player has all 48 beads -- or it is time for supper!     Little Women Little Women is a famous book written  by Louisa May Alcott.     It was first published in 1868 and tells the story of the March sisters, Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg, and their mother, while their father is away in the Civil War.   This extract from the book comes after an argument between Jo and Amy.     To get back at Jo for not letting her go to the theatre with her, Amy has burned the book which Jo has written .     Little Women is published by Puffin Books.   WHAT COUNTRY?   Can you guess which countries these are from the descriptions below?   Here's a clue they are all countries which have Brownies and Guides.   The answers are on page 25.