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Larger context for WRITING in Corpus brown_bncw.txt

  So to penalties -- and a smile as broad as the Dales as Bassett reached his first FA Cup semi- final.   Now it's up to Wednesday to complete Sheffield's cup charge tonight.   Sheffield United goalkeeper Alan Kelly saves from Blackburn's Jason Wilcox.   The same pair played a big part in the penalty shoot-out, Kelly making the crucial save from Wilcox's spot kick PASSWORD!   Try this Belgian game.   Stand in a line, one behind the other, with the Sixer at the back.   The Sixer decides on a three letter word.   She "writes" the first letter with her finger on the back of the girl in front of her.     The letter is passed to the front of the line in this way -- each girl writing  on the back of the one in front.     The other two letters are passed along one by one by the same method.   The girl at the front of the line has to guess the word -- if she can!   If your Six is very good at this, try longer words.   Remember to take turns at the back and the front.   DANISH OPEN SANDWICHES For a savoury treat, make these special sandwiches.