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  "The shooting has meant we are putting our house up for sale," she said.   "We can't live in fear."   She said she believes she knows who shot the cat, but has been told by police that unless there were witnesses there was not a lot that could be done.   Inspector Clive Butler said the police would treat the matter as one of criminal damage.   He said people were allowed to use air rifles in their own gardens, and if a cat strayed into the path of the pellet in those circumstances it would be regarded as an accident.     Sandra Ellis and her children, Matthew and Katharyn, with their injured cat Inkie Speedway Permit fight goes on IPSWICH Witches have not given up hope of23-year- old Pole Miroslaw Kowalik riding in tomorrow's Star of Anglia meeting at Foxhall Stadium (writes  Elvin King).     The Witches have received backing from the Speedway Control Board and the BSPA for their appeal to the Department of Employment over last week's ruling to refuse a work permit.   Kowalik is waiting for a telephone call from Ipswich and will come straight over if requested.   Team manager John Louis said last night, "Miroslaw has all the status of a world star and I can not understand why the request was refused.   "He reached the World semi-final last year at Bradford which makes him one of the top 32 riders in the world.   He is in the Polish Best Pairs and World Team squads.