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  The foliage of the pulmonaria should be cut back in winter to allow its new flowers to come through unconcealed in spring.   The pictures illustrating this series are by Andrew Lawson and many have been taken from his book Performance Plants, which costs £ 14.95 and is published by Francis Lincoln REVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Seed companies of yesteryear have just as much to offer gardeners of today.     Graham Rice looks at new introductions and some revived favourites It was a hundred and fifty years ago that the French writer  Alphonse Karr said "the more things change, the more they are the same."     And this maxim seems especially appropriate for the seed trade, in spite of its insatiable appetite for novelty.   This season quite a number of the " new" introductions are revivals from the past, and I must say it is good to see them back.   And I'm also pleased to see most seed companies acknowledging that they are revivals in the past they have often tried to pretend that these reintroductions were stunning new breakthroughs.