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Larger context for WRITER in Corpus brown_bncw.txt

  Donna, 21, of Histon Close, Kesgrave, said "I feel numb.   I know I'll wake up in the morning and think this didn't really happen, but I am thrilled to bits."   She works for an Ipswich insurance company but eventually wants to do something "really worthwhile" to help others.   "I don't think I could stand being a nurse because I would get too involved, so I hope one day to join the fire brigade," she said.   The event was supported by the EADT's sister paper the Evening Star, Ipswich Borough Council and Hairaisers.     Judges were Tom Sheridan, managing director of International Model Agency Ltd, Paul Tennant, photographer with IMA Ltd, Victoria Biddulph, fashion writer  for the Evening Star and Billy Brennan, general manager of Ipswich Corn Exchange.     Rugby Union ENGLAND forwards Brian Moore, above , and Jason Leonard will have allegations they switched footwear illegally before last weekend's cup tie at Waterloo, investigated by the Middlesex County Union.   Before passing the row on, Rugby Union Secretary Dudley Wood confirmed there was no threat to Moore or Leonard's place in the England team to play Scotland on Saturday.