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Larger context for WRITE in Corpus brown_bncw.txt

  Make your sandwiches look as attractive as you can and show them to your leaders before you eat them!   FAMOUS LANDMARK Match the famous landmark with its country.   HI!   Teach yourself to say"Hello!" in some European languages.   You may need an adult to help you with the pronunciation.   Notice how each of the above groups have a similar way of saying "Hello!"   Why do you think that is?   (Clue!   Look at a European map).   What English words do the second set of phrases remind you of?   INTERNATIONAL BADGES See if the whole Six can memorise these Brownie names and badges from around the world.   Try tracing them on to thin card.     Then write  the country and Brownie names on separate cards and make up some games.     Use the rules of well known card games such as happy families, snap or pairs.   How many can you invent?   The answers are on page 25.   DISCOVERING&h… HOW TO DYE A FLOWER You could never grow a carnation which had all the colours of the Union Flag, but it is quite easy to make one using food dyes.   A UNION FLAG CARNATION You will need 3 jam jars blue and red food colourings a white carnation Pour 1cm of water in each jar.   Add red food colouring to one jar and blue dye to another.