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  Your stylist can tell you which products are best suited to your hair type and lifestyle.   Protein-based products are used for the maintenance and reconstruction of the inner and outer layers of the hair and are particularly beneficial on chemically damaged hair.   Q Are moisturising shampoos O.K. for all hair types and do you need to use a conditioner with them?   A They are designed to put moisture into and onto the hair.   They're best for naturally dry, curly and frizzy hair but can be used on chemically damaged hair too.   Conditioners will be necessary if the hair is extremely dry or damaged.     HAIR HELPLINE If you've got a problem with your hair and you'd like an answer from an expert, write  to us at thanks Our thanks to the following salons without whose help this issue would not have been possible BEFORE AND AFTER le flic Three magical styles from one basic cut When angel-faced Alice went to The Look salon in Exeter, she wanted some exciting style ideas. " I've grown my layers out and now I'm bored with it " she said.     Top stylist at the salon, Jeff Goodwin, had been working on a new idea called Le Flic and together with make-up artist Julie and a new wardrobe of clothes, successfully transformed Alice with these three beautiful styles.