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The cast:
This is one of the happier events of the season.
The company which performed the Pulitzer Prize musical here last night and will repeat it twice today is full of bounce, the politicians are in fine voice, the chorines evoke happy memories, and the Little Flower rides to break a lance again.
I saw "Fiorello!" performed in New York by the original cast and I think this company is every bit as good, and perhaps better.
Certainly in the matter of principals there is nothing lacking.
Bob Carroll may not bear quite as close a physical resemblance to LaGuardia as Tom Bosley does, but I was amazed at the way he became more and more Fiorello as the evening progressed, until one had to catch one's self up and remember that this wasn't really LaGuardia come back among us again.
Then Rudy Bond was simply grand as Ben, the distraught Republican Party district chieftain.
And Paul Lipson, as Morris, the faithful one who never gets home to his Shirley's dinner, was fine, too.
As for the ladies, they were full of charm, and sincerity, and deep and abiding affection for this hurrying driving, honest, little man.
Charlotte Fairchild was excellent as the loyal Marie, who became the second Mrs LaGuardia, singing and acting with remarkable conviction.
Jen Nelson, as Thea, his first wife, managed to make that short role impressive.