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In that decade the partisan zeal to defend Mr Hoover, and the party's failure to anticipate or cope with the depression, caused a great majority of Americans to see the Republican party as cold and lacking in any sympathy for the problems of human beings caught up in the distress and suffering brought on by the economic crash.
The Republican party was not lacking in humanity, but it permitted its extremely partisan leadership to make it appear devoid of any consideration for people in trouble.
Farmers called their mule-drawn pickup trucks "Hoover carts".
Smokers reduced to "the makings", spoke of the sack tobacco as "Hoover dust".
One may be sure the present Republican congressional leadership hasn't meant to repeat this error.
But it is in the process of so doing because it apparently gives priority to trying to downgrade John F.
That this is not good politics is underscored by the latest poll figures which show that 72 per cent of the people like the way in which the new President is conducting the nation's business.