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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

To the Dead Owner of a Gym I will remember well The elegant decision To that red line of tile As margin round the showers Of your gym, Norm, In which so dashing a physique As yours for several years Gained muscle every week With sharper definition.
Death on the other hand Is rigid and, Finally as it may define An absence with its cutting line, Alas, Lacks class.
The accident It was dark.
Nobody saw the accident.
The small white car was found on its side by the bridge.
A river ran underneath the road there, and the car was lying next to the bridge wall, below the road.
Inside the car was a dead woman.
Her name was Karen Silkwood and she was twenty- eight years old.
It was November 13th, 1974.
How did the car come off the road?
Why was it on the wrong side of the road?
Why was it so far from the road?
There was nothing wrong with the car.
Karen Silkwood was a good driver.
Everybody knew that.
How did the car come off the road?
The police thought that there was an easy answer to these questions.
Karen was tired after a long day, so she fell asleep while she was driving.
It could happen to anyone very easily.
They took the car to a garage and they took Karen's body to a hospital.
But some people were not happy about the accident.
First of all, her boyfriend, Drew Stephens.