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Larger context for LACK in Corpus USbrown_UKbncw/UK_bncw.txt

  Now you were tired, and yet not tired enough -- Still hungry for the great world you were losing Steadily in no season of your choosing -- And when at last the whole death was assured, Drugs having failed, and when you had endured Two weeks of an abominable constraint, You faced it equably, without complaint, Unwhimpering, but not at peace with it.   You'd lived as if your time was infinite You were not ready and not reconciled, Feeling as uncompleted as a child Till you had shown the world what you could do In some ambitious role to be worked through, A role your need for it had half-defined, But never wholly, even in your mind.   lack >   You lack ed the necessary ruthlessness, The soaring meanness that pinpoints success.     lack >   We loved that lack  of self-love, and your smile, Rueful, at your own silliness.     Meanwhile, Your lungs collapsed, and the machine, unstrained, Did all your breathing now.